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How can I pay for goods? 

We accept payment by a number of means.

1. Credit Card, Laser or Cheque: Select "Cheque" option at checkout. Place your order and you will be contacted to arrange payment.

2. PayPal or Credit Card: Select "Credit Card" option at checkout and use your PayPal account or if you do not have a PayPal account select "Don't have a PayPal account" and use your credit card.

How can you register your self on this site? 

Click on Register Here on home page or go through the registeration process at the checkout page. Members who register to receive our newsletter will be advised of special offers and may be offered special discounts.

How can you log in on this site? 

Once you have registered as a member you can log using the email address and password you selected at the time of registration. If you have forgotten your password, click Forgot Password and your chosen password will be emailed to you.yes

How can you purchase the product from this site? 

Please select the items you wish to purchase, select the colour and size options if required. Once you click on add to cart this item is in your cart ready for checkout. You may continue shopping and add more items or you may increase, reduce the number or delete the item if you wish.

Can I Purchase items without first registering as a member. 

Yes. There is an option for quick checkout. This does not require the customer to be a registered member of the site.